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The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance. ~Aristotle


The purpose and vision of When Pigz Fly is to provide a marketing venue for the local Raleigh/Durham art scene. The products that we showcase have been carefully selected and the artist is made a part of the process by providing them an opportunity to participate in the display of their goods as well as to work with us in detailing the information that is presented about their art to the customer.

Our goal is to provide the general public an opportunity to experience the eclectic nature of our community while maintaining the charm of the South. We bridge the gap between the artists workshop and those that wish to enjoy their creativity.


When Pigz Fly features approximately 100 local artists and regional food products. The shop resides in a historical filling station built in 1936. The building was in need of much repair when they began in October 2008, but the look and contents continues to improve dramatically (old country store meets eclectic craziness if you will).

The owners are brother and sister, Jim Heinrich and Diane Choma. Their parents passed far too young, but taught them at an early age to appreciate art and the endless talent and ingenuity of others.

For many years Jim and Diane talked about collaborating and using their own creativity, but the expression to follow was usually "ya, that will happen, when pigs fly." Now pigz are flying high over Raleigh. Do you have a dream?